4 More Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Nurses

National Nurses Week is coming up this Friday (May 6 through May 12), so if you haven’t found gifts for your nurses, time to get on it! Even if you do have your Nurses Week gifts set and ready to go, we all know that nurses deserve more than an insulated tumbler or tote bag Continue Reading..

Beyond the Lab Coat – Community Health Initiatives

We don’t have to tell you that goal-setting isn’t reserved for January 1, in fact, one of our favorite times of year to revisit and set new goals is the start of spring. The weather is warming up, the sun is shining more, and motivation to live a healthier life picks up again, which got Continue Reading..

How to Create Awareness and Change for American Heart Month

With heart disease being the number 1 killer within the United States, the top killer of women, and one of the most prominent diseases in the world, you can see that major strides need to be taken to prevent and improve the rates of heart disease all over the globe. While this is a daunting Continue Reading..

4 Reasons To Get Your Team Corporate Branded Uniforms

Do you have a problem with employees not dressing as well as you’d like them to for work, whether that’s clothing that’s not appropriate or not up to your standards of professionalism? Do you feel like your workforce needs to look more the part of the successful business they are a part of? Those are Continue Reading..

The Best Medical Musical Parodies from 2015

The beginning of a new year always brings round-ups of the past year’s best of the best moments. Whether it’s news, sports wins (and fails), top songs, top blog articles, we love seeing the highlight reels. We’re big fans of musical parodies here at Central Uniforms, so we thought it would be fun to create Continue Reading..