#37 * WORK PANT * SIMPSON HOUSE * Housekeeping Aides(HOUSEKEEPING) * Women’s Relaxed Fit * Flat Front * KHAKI *


WORK PANT – Women’s Relaxed Fit & Flat Front – SIMPSON HOUSE-HOUSEKEEPING AIDES (Housekeeping) – KHAKI – 65% Polyester/35% Cotton – DICKIES #FP322SH

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WORK PANT-Women’s Relaxed Fit & Flat Front-DICKIES-#FP322SH—SIMPSON HOUSE-HOUSEKEEPING AIDES (Housekeeping)—KHAKI—30″ Length – ** If a shorter (petite) or longer (tall) length is needed please reference requested length by clicking “special instructions” prior to checkout—65% Polyester/35% Cotton—7.75 oz. Vat Dyed Twill—Relaxed fit—Right back pocket with button closure—StayDark

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