CentralUniforms.com offers LOGO Digitizing Services giving your Group, Company or Organization the ability to provide or create their own Custom Logo! Once we have your LOGO digitized to your specifications we will have your LOGO on file to be embroidered and utilized at your leisure. Our multiple head Embroidery Machines enable us to tackle any type of LOGO assignment whether it is large or small.

LOGO Digitization Cost

There is a $85.00 ONE TIME fee to get the LOGO digitized and ready for embroidery. This $85.00 ONE TIME FEE is waived on ALL GROUP ORDERS (please see Group Orders).


After your LOGO is digitized you now have the capability for the LOGO to be embroidered as many times as you would like moving forward. The cost of embroidering the LOGO each and every time typically varies between $5-$25.00 and ultimately depends upon how many color and stitches are involved in the LOGO. Please call or e-mail anytime for quotes.

Getting us the LOGO

The best way to get us the LOGO is to e-mail it in j.peg version to: hillary@centraluniforms.com and we will be able to respond to you within 24 hours. If you cannot send it in jpeg version than please e-mail it to us in any way that you can and we will determine how to get the LOGO formatted in the proper way.

LOGO Restrictions

We will only embroider on “embroiderable” items (not our comfort shoes)…Virtually all of our Medical Apparel & Career Wear can be embroidered with a LOGO.