4 More Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Nurses

National Nurses Week is coming up this Friday (May 6 through May 12), so if you haven’t found gifts for your nurses, time to get on it!

Even if you do have your Nurses Week gifts set and ready to go, we all know that nurses deserve more than an insulated tumbler or tote bag (awesome gifts, but ones that many of your nurses probably already have), so we thought we’d bring you a few more ideas that we know your nurses will love.

Whether you’re a physician, HR manager, or a supervisor, these ideas are additional ways to make your “thank you” personal and show your nurses that you truly appreciate the work they do day in and day out.

1.) Bring Them a Catered Meal 

Many nurses don’t get lunch breaks at a reasonable hour or don’t get one at all. Sometimes it’s a bite of a trail mix bar behind the counter of a station or a quick handful of whatever snack is closest on the way to a bathroom break.

During Nurses Week, schedule a catered meal to be delivered to the nurses on various shifts and rotations. Coffee and danishes, a salad fixings bar for lunch, or dinner are all ways to show your nursing staff that you gave extra thought to buy propecia them and it ensures you can do something nice for nurses that work odd shifts, even if you’re not there working yourself.

2.) Host a Happy Hour 

If you have a small office or clinic team, or work in an outpatient setting with only daytime patients, hosting a happy hour for your nurses is a terrific way to show them thanks outside of work and foster team bonding.

3.) Pamper Them by Partnering With a Local Business 

Nurses are caretakers through and through and often neglect to take those extra steps to take care of or pamper themselves.

One way to give your nurses a gift that promotes their R&R is by giving them a gift certificate to get a massage, facial or manicure/pedicure. Head to a local spa and see if you can strike up a deal for purchasing a big group of gift cards and let them know you’ll be driving potential repeat customers their way.

4.) Make it Personal 

Ask any nurse and they’ll tell you that all the gestures above are nice and they’re thankful for their Nurses Week gifts, but the thanks that mean the most are the ones that are spoken.

Nurses are in the trenches and they’re the ones who often times have to do the thankless tasks and the toughest jobs within our medical system (both physically and emotionally). Letting your nurses know individually that you’re thankful for them and that their work doesn’t go unnoticed means the world.

Now we want to know, what are you planning to do for your nurses next week? Have you done anything in years past that were a huge hit?

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Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.