4 Reasons To Get Your Team Corporate Branded Uniforms

Do you have a problem with employees not dressing as well as you’d like them to for work, whether that’s clothing that’s not appropriate or not up to your standards of professionalism? Do you feel like your workforce needs to look more the part of the successful business they are a part of? Those are Continue Reading..

How to Take Care of Your Lab Coats and Scrubs for Long-Time Wear

While some industries and workplaces are lucky enough to have a laundry service do the dirty work for them, many us still have to do the cleaning ourselves when it comes to washing our lab coats and scrubs. To keep your career wear looking vibrant and in tip-top shape for as long as possible given the wear and tear we know your uniforms go through, here are our top care tips for long-time wear.

Stay Protected with Antimicrobial Lab Coats and Scrubs

Anyone who works directly with patients or within patient care areas can identify with this… If you do, we think it’s about time you invest in an extra layer of protection from germs and bacteria while at work. We’re talking about our line of antimicrobial protective lab coats and scrubs! Although the entire premise of Continue Reading..

Men’s Health Month: Top Prevention Steps for the Most Prevalent Diseases Among Men

While many of these steps are just as important for women to follow, they’re some of the most crucial factors for preventing the most prevalent diseases among men. And although some of these diseases will naturally occur due to genetic predisposition and biological makeup, many risk factors are controllable and can make the difference in Continue Reading..