Gifts for Healthcare Workers in Your Life

We love the holidays, but the one thing that always trips us up on time and energy is deciding on the perfect gifts for certain people on our lists.

Sure, the decorating, holiday baking, and holiday movie watching is easy, but buying gifts is a whole other ball game, especially when you have to get gifts for healthcare workers.

Why is it especially hard to buy for them? Well, if you don’t work in healthcare yourself you may be at a complete loss for getting something they’ll actually get use out of or enjoy everyday.

On the flip side, you might be a healthcare worker reading this post, in which case these general ideas will definitely help with deciding what to bring to a White Elephant/Secret Santa gift exchange so that your gift appeals to everybody, or it might inspire your own wish list for the season.

Either way, this gift guide will be sure to give you plenty of ideas at a variety of price points, and you can be sure the healthcare worker in your life will love them:

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 1

Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works 

If you’re looking for a small stocking stuffer gift for multiple healthcare workers on your list, you absolutely can’t go wrong with hand sanitizer. Healthcare workers have it on them all the time anyways, and they’re always in need of more for their back stock.

In addition to the variety of yummy scents of hand sanitizer you can get at Bath and Body Works, they also have holders that can easily be attached to a purse, work bag, or are the perfect size to keep in a lab coat or scrub pocket.

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 2

Visual Anatomy Chocolates

Rather than snagging any old plain box of chocolates at the grocery store or mall, why not get a box that’ll really give a healthcare worker a good laugh? The chocolate anatomy collection includes a heart, lungs, brain, vertebra, knee, kidney, foot, liver, eye, pancreas, stomach, scapula, ribs, tooth, hip, skull, hand, colon, ear, and uterus.

It may seem kind of icky, but we promise healthcare workers will find this gift fun to open and eat, plus, how often do you get to eat chocolate that looks like an anatomical heart? Gives a whole new meaning to eat your heart out.

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 3

Stethoscope Cover

We all have bad habits, and stuffing your stethoscope in to your bag at the end of the day is one of them, after all, stethoscopes aren’t cheap! Make sure they’re protected, and that it’s easy to spot with a unique stethoscope cover. Check out Scrubs Magazine’s round-up of the best stethoscope cover finds on Etsy. 

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 4

New Career Wear 

Scrubs, lab coats, jackets, shoes…being a healthcare worker requires a whole separate work wardrobe. Sure, other people have jobs where they might wear some items exclusively to work, but chances are those people are able to cross several of their work wear pieces over to what they wear when not at work.

That’s not the case with healthcare workers, work clothing takes up the majority of the closet and unlike a pair of jeans that can go a couple wears without washing, healthcare workers have to wash their work wear every time they wear it, some may even go through a couple uniforms a day.

That means career wear gets older faster and has to be replaced more often, and that’s why scrubs, lab coats, and other career wear makes for a great holiday gift.

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 5

iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner 

Another great stocking stuffer gift, the iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner can easily fit right in the pocket of your lab coat with a technology pocket so that you always have it on hand.

The iRoller is a compact, reusable way to lift away fingerprints and dust without sprays or cloths and leaves your screen smudge free. Fun back story: the iRoller’s sticky material was originally invented by plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Taub for organizing operating instruments.

Gifts for Healthcare Workers 6

YETI Cooler Rambler Tumbler 

There’s really no other way to describe these tumblers other than that they’re magical. Without getting in to all the technical mumbo-jumbo as to how their tumblers work so well, we’ll just tell you that if you come in to work at 5 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m., your coffee will still be hot.

And the same goes for ice drinks! Put your ice water in the tumbler, and even if you forgot it out in the car during summer where it reaches 100+ degrees, you’ll still have ice cubes in your tumbler when you get out of work.

Of course, the purpose here is to use the tumbler at work since it’ll keep your beverage at just the perfect temperature all throughout your shift, and that’s why it makes such a great gift.
Well, those are just a few ideas to get you started, we hope all the holiday shopping stress of “what to get them?!” is now gone, well, at least for the healthcare workers on your list.

And happy holidays from Central Uniforms!