Our Favorite Ways to Add Flair to Your Work Uniforms

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space?

Well, it was on TV the other week and even after watching it a hundred times, it’s still just as hilarious and we still love Jennifer Aniston’s character and her “flair” just as much as we did the first time watching it.

Sure, Jennifer Aniston’s character wasn’t so thrilled with having to wear her flair, but we kind of love the idea of bringing in some personality with work wear flair. Thankfully there are a lot more ways than buttons to show your personality at work.

Here are some of our favorites:


1.) Get crafty with your ID clip

Many professionals, especially those that wear work uniforms, also have to wear an ID or name tag. Why have a boring plastic or metal clip when you could use that as an opportunity to show a little personality? You could add some sparkle, your monogram, or just something that’ll make your patients smile like these clips below. All of which you can find on Etsy.

Name clip

Monogram ID Clips, Navy and Rhinestone ID Clip, Bandage with Bow ID Clip


2.) Show Your School Spirit

We’re big fans of sports here at Central Uniforms, and there’s nothing we love more than showing off school spirit before a game day! That’s why we carry a line of collegiate scrubs so you can wear them all year long whether you’re cheering on your alma mater’s football, basketball, or baseball team. And if you can’t wear your own choice of scrubs, we love a good school spirited hair accessory, watch, or shoes…trust us, there are plenty ways to get fan-atical!

Untitled design-22


3.) Get custom embroidery

Speaking of our collegiate scrubs, custom embroidery is also a fun way to add personalization to your scrubs whether it’s with your name and title, or a “Go Team” message over the pocket.  We mention our collegiate scrubs with custom embroidery because from now ’til the end of September, you get free personalized embroidery on your collegiate scrub tops with the checkout code, “football”.

College Scrub Embroidery


4.) Have a Trademark

Sometimes you work in an environment that isn’t friendly to work wear flair, so you have to take matters in to your own hands…literally. Whether you’re known as the one with the most fun and funky pens, or the cool clip board, sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and DIY time to bring your personality in to your work uniforms.

funky flair

Syringe Pens, Nursing Clipboard, Flower Pen DIY, Alabama Clipboard DIY

What are your favorite ways to let your personally shine through your work wear? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.