The Best Medical Musical Parodies from 2015

The beginning of a new year always brings round-ups of the past year’s best of the best moments. Whether it’s news, sports wins (and fails), top songs, top blog articles, we love seeing the highlight reels.

We’re big fans of musical parodies here at Central Uniforms, so we thought it would be fun to create a short round-up of some of our favorite musical parodies from 2015, with a special emphasis on science and medicine, of course!

Here’s our top 5 favorite medical musical parodies from 2015:

1.) All About That Spay by Nolan River Animal Hospital

Most of the medically-inclined parodies out there tend to come from med students, so we were excited to see a team of veterinary pros come together to transform Meghan Trainor’s catchy tune, “All About That Bass” in to a call for action for a very important cause!

2.) Science Style Cover – a Taylor Swift Acapella Parody by AsapSCIENCE 

Who says learning about science can’t be fun? Not us! Not only do these guys do a great job of turning Taylor Swift’s song in to a great ditty about science, but we’re loving the wardrobe choices. The acapella talent is pretty awesome, too!

3.) “First Year Funk” by WashU St. Louis School of Medicine

You knew there was going to be a med school student parody in here, and out of all the ones that were posted to YouTube in 2015, this take on Uptown Funk (who doesn’t love that song?) was hands down our favorite.

4.) Rank List – Yale School of Medicine Class of 2015 

Turns out Taylor Swift had a great year for creating songs perfect for parodies, and we have to say, the folks at Yale are more than just brains, they’re pretty good singers, too! On the flip side from “First Year Funk” we love how these soon-to-graduate med students parodied the National Resident Matching Program process, with running mascara and fits of stethoscope-cutting rage to boot.

5.) Can’t Feel My Face – played with dentist equipment by Andrew Huang

Alright, so this one’s not technically a parody, but it was too good to leave out! Andrew Huang has a ton of videos where he recreates a song using a variety of objects and his awesome singing voice, and this one using only dentist equipment takes the cake on creativity.

Have any favorites we left out? Also, let this serve as inspiration for all the musical parodies to follow in 2016, we want to have an even bigger round up in 2016 with Central Uniforms customers!