Top Health and Science Links from Around the Web / October Edition

We know you’re pressed for time, but we also know you like to keep up to date on things happening in the health and science world, that’s why we’re introducing our new series of monthly round-ups of the top health and science news and articles we find from around the web.

Some of it will be focused on innovation, some things focused on trends in the field, and other stuff will just be things we know you’ll find interesting, or get a laugh out of.

With that said, here’s our first round-up with the pieces we found most important, interesting and inspiring:


Lab Safety // ThermoMan Takes the Heat to Show Importance of Proper Lab Coats

“In the last two years, thousands of flame-resistant lab coats have been distributed to UC lab workers. At a demonstration held last month at UC Davis, some of those lab workers got to see just how important those lab coats really are. Using a mannequin fitted with dozens of sensors, a crew from DuPont demonstrated what can happen to a lab worker during a flash fire, depending on what type of protective gear they’re wearing.”

We’re going out on a limb here, but thank goodness that lab coats have advanced because we’re pretty sure Thomas Edison would’ve been charred to a crisp in his lab coat.


Healthcare Trends // The Physician Assistant Will See You

Physician Assistant Week was last week, and it was great to see all the information being distributed regarding the importances of PA’s in healthcare as well as addressing the common misconceptions associated with physician assistants. This article from The New York Times provides a great overview on the benefits of having a PA on your team.


Health News // Ebola Survivor From Scotland Is Critically Ill

“A report published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine…found traces of Ebola in some men’s semen up to nine months after they fell ill. Another report in the same journal presented additional evidence that an Ebola survivor in Liberia had transmitted the disease to a sexual partner roughly six months after having developed symptoms.

Yet the case of the nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, points to how much is still unknown about the virus and its long-term effects.”


Human Interest // The Secret World of Women Surgeons You Had No Idea Existed

“On the other hand, male medical students need only don scrubs, and — BAM — they look like surgeons. During rounds, some patients would preferentially direct their gaze and answers to the male medical students, even though I was the chief resident leading the group, asking questions and directing care (and nearly a decade older than the students). Even when we are introduced as doctors, some older patients still refer to us as “lady doctors,” whereas men are just “doctors.”


Innovation // Grasping Dreams: Hand Transplants Greet Medical Tourism Markets

Eight year old, Zion Harvey underwent the first pediatric double hand transplant a couple months ago, garnering tons of media attention regarding this groundbreaking procedure. Now the demand for double- hand transplants is gaining momentum on the international stage, which can mean a significant surge in the medical tourism market.


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